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AIT-4 Barcode Labels

All AIT-4 Barcode label types are supported:
AIT-4, AIT-4 with check character, AIT-4 User Defined Text, AIT-4 Custom Labels

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Name: AIT-01-W1
Desc: Sony AIT - 6 Hot - Bottom - Checksum

Name: AIT-01-W3
Desc: Sony AIT - 8 Cool - Bottom - Checksum

Name: AIT-01-W2
Desc: Sony AIT - 6 Warm - Right - No Checksum

Name: AIT-01-W4
Desc: Sony AIT - 8 Warm - Left - Checksum

Name: AIT-02-W1
Desc: Spectra Logic "F" - Hot - Bottom - Checksum

Name: AIT-03-W1
Desc: Tandberg AIT - Black - Bottom - No Checksum



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